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Web Site Development
I have been creating and moderating websites since my Freshman year in college. All websites are custom build to meet your needs and specifications with the ability for you to update all of the pages through a backend content management system.
Whether you need to create a Fan page from scratch or convert one from a personal page, I will ensure that everything is done with as minimal input from you.
I believe that Twitter is the wave of the social media future. Whether it's setting up an account, linking it to your Facebook pages or streaming your timeline on your website, I will make sure that everything is set up for you to tweet with the least amount of trouble to you.
Instagram is a great way to post pictures for your fans to see. The ability to connect Instagram to your Facebook, Twitter and websites ensure the most amount of views for your pictures.
Google Voice
Google Voice is a great way for interacting with fans while not giving out your private numbers. Google Voice also gives you the ability to text back and forth with fans from the website or your cell phone.